Saddam’s Brother Dies Awaiting Execution

Saddam’s brother, Sabawi Ibrahim al-Hassan, has died awaiting execution in Baghdad. Iraq’s justice ministry released a statement that he died of cancer on Monday.

Al-Hassan served under the direction of his brother during the Gulf War. He was appointed as head of security and intelligence. His service under the command of Saddam Hussein continued until 2003.

As reported by the Belfast Telegraph, Saddam’s brother was sought by authorities for his involvement with insurgency operations. His name and picture were featured on the list of most-wanted Iraqis and a deck of playing cards.

He avoided capture for two years in Syria. However, government officials eventually deported him to Iraq.

Al-Hassan was arrested in 2005 and charged with numerous crimes, including several counts of murder. He was found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging.

As reported by Fox News, al-Hassan’s health got progressively worse, prompting his transfer from prison to the Baghdad hospital where he later died. Saddam’s brother spent eight years in prison.

Al-Hassan’s son, Ayman Sabawi Ibrahim, was sentenced to serve life in prison for his involvement with Saddam’s regime. Ibrahim escaped in 2006 and is still at large.

Saddam Hussein was captured and executed in 2006.

Other members of Saddam’s regime remain in prison, including Tareq Aziz. Serving as one of Saddam’s closest advisers, Aziz was sentenced to death for “deliberate murder and crimes against humanity.”

Aziz’s family has requested his release as he suffered a heart attack and his health continues to decline. Authorities have denied their requests.

Most Wanted Playing Card

Saddam Hussein was executed more than six years ago. However, his reign of terror will not be soon forgotten.

Saddam’s brother died shortly after dawn on Monday. Wissam al-Fraiji, spokesman for the justice ministry, states that al-Hassan’s body will be released to his family for traditional funeral services.

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