Leinart given permission to seek trade

Matt Leinart days as an Arizona Cardinal have come to an end. He caries little trade value, since the Cardinals are probably too cheap to pay him his 2.48 million dollar base salary to keep him when they apparently do not want him. They also will not want to carry four QB’s on their roster so it seems very likely that Leinart will have to be cut and then sign with a new team. The team would like to get something back for him since he was the 10th overall pick in 2006.

While it seems likely a number of teams might want Leinart, I don’t know how many teams would want him as their starter. If he really wants to be a starter his options look to be just the Oakland Raiders and the Buffalo Bills. Those are tow teams without a strong starter on the roster. However given the injury to Byron Leftwich and the suspension of Ben Roethlisberger we could argue that the Steelers could use him in the short term.

The question of whether or not he deserves another shot is a debatable, and it seems pretty clear that someone will give him another chance. He needs to drop the diva routine, and go to a new team and really work at his craft. If he can do that he has a reasonable shot and being a decent QB in the NFL.

I think the Oakland Raiders are a logical choice here, but it the back of my mind I cannot rule out the Seattle Seahawks. Sure Pete Carroll has been somewhat hard on his former USC players, but these two might make a good team in Seattle. I don’t think the Bills will take a chance on a California guy, but that would make a heck of lot of sense as well.

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