Tropical Storm Chantal: Rain, Storm Surge Expected For Puerto Rico And Nearby Islands

The National Hurricane Center has posted a Tropical Storm Chantal update as of 5 AM Tuesday morning. As you can see from their map which I posted below, they expect the storm to continue to move west-northwest across the Caribbean. At the current time, it’s moving at about 26 miles per hour.

Tropical Storm Chantal is currently just east of Barbados but it’s on its way to move past Puerto Rico before it hits the Dominican Republic and vulnerable Haiti sometime on Wednesday.

Chantal isn’t expected to increase to hurricane strength. As you can see from the National Hurricane Center chart, the chances that the storm will reach Category 1 strength are never predicted to be greater than 23 percent. The chance that the storm will become a Category 2 hurricane are trivial.

The maximum sustained winds of 50 miles per hour reported on the 5 AM Tuesday advisory are likely to increase over the next 48 hours, peaking sometime Wednesday.

But the main issues from this particular storm will likely be tropical storm force winds, heavy rain, and storm surge. People in the affected areas should take the appropriate precautions and keep an eye on local weather reports.

According to the NHC, the storm surge will raise the water levels from one to three feet above normal in the Leeward Islands, Windward Islands, and Puerto Rico. It will raise levels two to four feet along the southern coast of the Dominican republic, where the surge will be “accompanied by dangerous waves.”

NHC also predicts two to four inches of rainfall over the Leeward and Windward Islands, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, and Haiti. The maximum amount possible is six inches.

The newest public advisory can be read in full on their website. There will be a new Tropical Storm Chantal complete advisory at 11 AM.

Tropical Storm Chantal
Tropical Storm Chantal NHS path

[Tropical Storm Chantal 2001 image by NASA]