Randy Travis In Critical Condition: Was Alcohol The Cause?

Randy Travis

Randy Travis was admitted to a Texas hospital on Sunday July 7 in a critical condition.

According to a statement issued by his spokesman, Kirt Webster, Travis, 54, was suffering complications from his “recently acquired viral cardiomyopathy.” Only 10 days previously, country singer Travis had given performances in Chicago and Detroit and was due in Deadwood, South Dakota this week.

He showed no signs of illness during meetings only one day earlier, and the onset of the attack was sudden and unexpected. This seems to be in the nature of the disease.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states on its website that “viral cardiomyopathy is a disorder where a virus attacks the muscles of the heart, causing the heart to beat slower.”

According to Dr, Ramin Oskoui, a specialist in internal medicine and cardiologist: “Viral cardiomyopathy can be caused by 30-plus different viruses, but it’s almost impossible to pinpoint which virus it is … Hospitals use viral cardiomyopathy as a ‘catch all’ diagnosis.”

Dr. Oskoui added: “To say that Mr. Travis’ alcohol use exacerbated his problems would be pure speculation, but if someone told me alcohol played a role in his cardiac problems, I wouldn’t be surprised,”

Apart from his current problems, Travis achieved notoriety a year ago from his many run-ins with the Texas police. He was reported as threatening to shoot officers who were trying to arrest him for driving naked and drunk. Three weeks after his arrest, his wrecked vehicle was discovered in field.

After pleading guilt to the traffic violations, Travis was fined $2,000 and was given a 180-day suspended jail sentence, and two years’ probation. In the same period, he had a fight with the ex-husband of his girlfriend and was charged with misdemeanor assault.

Outside of his troubled private life, his professional career has been very successful. He has won numerous awards’ including “song of the year’ in 2003. He also picked up seven Grammys, 10 Academy of Country Music awards and 10 American Music Award statuettes.

Unfortunately, Randy Travis seems to be “his own worst enemy.” Do you think his lifestyle contributed to his health problems? Use the comments feed below for your view.