Twinkies Return: Promise 45 Day Shelf Life

Twinkies, America's much loved and missed spongy cream cakes, are making a comeback!

TheInquisitr reported last month that Hostess, the producer of the yummy cakes we all love and miss, are to return to supermarket shelves this coming Monday, July 15.

The Twinkies return will see a new and improved recipe, which will offer a much longer shelf life than previous Twinkies.

Hostess spokesperson, Hannah Arnold, said that the new Twinkies were released by the old owners of Hostess back in November of last year. Production was stopped when the company went out of business a few weeks later.

Arnold wouldn't divulge the details of the new Twinkies recipe, saying it was "Proprietary information." She confirmed that the new production process would have "no impact on the quality or taste" of the cakes.

Last week, the New York Post reported that the cakes will be delivered to stores frozen to extend their shelf life. This would mean that retailers can put their own expiration dates on the Twinkies they sell.

About 10% of retailers who will be selling the new Twinkies requested to have them delivered frozen, but Hostess would not comment on which retailers will stock the pre-frozen Twinkies.

The new shelf life is slated to be 45 days as opposed to the old Twinkies which lasted around 26 days. This means that the product is more lucrative for retailers, as they can keep the cakes on their shelves for longer.

Are you looking forward to the "Twinkies return," and do you think that the changes made to ensure longer shelf life will affect the taste of the product? How do you feel about frozen Twinkies versus fresh?