Anna Benson: ‘Baseball Wives’ Star Arrested For Storming Ex-Husband’s Home With Gun

Anna Benson: 'Baseball Wives' Star Arrested For Storming Ex-Husband's Home With Gun

Anna Benson was arrested Monday after police said she broke into the home of her former husband, Mets pitcher Kris Benson, strapped with a gun and bulletproof vest.

Police said Anna intended to rob her former husband and produced an “expandable metal baton” to threaten Kris, TMZ reported. Kris reportedly told police that he offered Anna some money, which finally got her to leave. As soon as she was out the door the pitcher called police.

Anna Benson was soon tracked down by police, who charged her with two counts of felony aggravated assault with a weapon, one count of criminal trespass, and one count of possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime.

She and Kris had been split up since last year, when she filed divorce papers. Reports said that Kris Benson was caught with another woman — one of Anna’s friends.

If it’s true, Anna went pretty easy on Kris. When Kris was pitching for the Orioles, Anna told Howard Stern in an interview that she would sleep with all of his teammates if Kris ever dared to cheat.

The couple has three children together, and Anna has another from a previous marriage who she and Kris raised together.

Anna Benson was known as something of a loose cannon when Kris was pitching. The 37-year-old former Baseball Wives star met Kris when she was working as a stripper at an Atlanta club. While Kris was with the Pittsburgh Pirates, she posed topless in Penthouse.

Anna once revealed in an interview that she and Kris had sex in a stadium parking lot while fans waited outside the tinted-window car for autographs.

Anna Benson also seemed to play a role in Kris’ exit from New York. She showed up to the team’s 2005 Christmas party wearing a racy Mrs. Clause outfit, reportedly angering team executives. Kris was sent to Baltimore not long after that.