Cleveland Browns Respond To Obituary Request Of Longtime Fan

The Cleveland Browns don’t want to let down one of their most die-hard fans, even though his last wish was for the team to literally let him down one last time.

Scott E. Entsminger, one of the team’s biggest backers, died this week and left a message for his beloved Browns in his obituary.

The obit, published in the Columbus Dispatch, read: “He respectfully requests six Cleveland Browns pall bearers so the Browns can let him down one last time.”

Without wasting any time, the Browns have responded. Team spokesman Zak Gilbert said the team reached out to Entsminger’s widow, Pat, to offer the team’s condolences. The team will also present the family with a No. 76 jersey at the funeral, in honor of Scott’s favorite player, Hall of Famer Lou Groza.

The Cleveland Browns may not have done this for any old fan, but Entsminger was truly a die-hard. The 55-year-old Columbus native was a season-ticket holder, and every year would write a song to the team and mail it to the front office, along with some suggestions to make the Browns better.

They didn’t seem to work very well. The Browns have been among the NFL’s worst for the past several seasons, apparently so bad that  Scott Entsminger grew used to being let down.

There was no word if the Cleveland Browns would actually be able to fulfill the request for six pall bearers, but it may be difficult considering the team hasn’t yet reported to Berea, Ohio, for training camp. So Scott Entsminger may be truly let down by the Browns one last time.