Amanda Bynes Welcomes President Obama To The Ugly Club

Amanda Bynes has been the talk of Twitter lately.

Congratulations Mr. President, you did it! Amanda Bynes has finally called you ugly! The troubled star recently sent an insult in the Obamas direction when she declared on Twitter that Barack and Michelle Obama were both ugly.

Bynes writes: Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are ugly!

Being called ugly by Amanda Bynes is more of an honor than an insult. The troubled star has called just about everyone in the world ugly at one point or another and the word really has no meaning anymore. Still, there has to be some method to the madness.

Bynes didn’t give any clues as to why she thinks the President and the First Lady are ugly but it may have something to do with her DUI arrest. Just wait, I’m going to connect the dots.

After Bynes was pulled over last Summer for driving while under the influence she sent the president a Tweet asking him to bail her out. Well, since then Bynes has had her license suspended, has had her car impounded, and has become the poster child for troubled young stars.

And while all of this was happening, where was the President? He certainly wasn’t helping out Amanda Bynes. No, he was too busy being ugly.

amanda bynes

Do you think Amanda Bynes is holding a grudge against the President? Or does the former actress think Barack and Michelle are ugly for different reasons?

Oh, and just in case you thought that you managed to escape from Bynes’ ugly insults, she has a message for you.

[Image Via Social News Daily]