New Jersey woman annoyed that suicide survivor totaled her car

It was almost one of those touching New York stories, where a fatally depressed young man’s decision to take his own life ends with his against all odds survival and everyone is happy.

Everyone, that is, except the woman whose car broke Thomas Magill’s fall and saved his life. Although Maria McCormack’s husband Guy had a far better outlook on the incident, crediting a strand of rosary beads within for Magill’s improbably survival, his wife was far less optimistic. The NYDN did an interview with her, wherein she complains at length about the man’s inconvenient brush with death that totaled her vehicle:

“I miss it. It’s my baby,” moaned Maria McCormack, who regrets lending her husband the 2008 Dodge Charger Tuesday for work. “I want to meet [Tom Magill] and say, ‘Why? Why my car out of all the cars in the city?'”

“…I wonder how he feels now that he made it. Does he feel like an idiot?” said Maria. “I hope he’s OK. But I just want to know why.”

Yes, Thomas, why? Why didn’t you aim at the street? McCormack adds:

“I was going to get the front brakes done… but thank God I had a migraine!” she said. “I can’t believe my car is gone.

“I’ve had other cars, but I really loved this car.”

Although McCormack didn’t ask, Magill survived, suffering only “blood clots and bruises” in the 40-story fall.