ConnectU Is The Bad Smell Zuckerberg Can't Get Rid Of

The founders of ConnectU are trying to back out of their February settlement with Facebook.

The ConnectU/ Facebook case circus first came to prominence last year (the case is now 4 years old) when the founders of ConnectU publicly claimed that Mark Zuckerberg stole the idea and code of ConnectU to start Facebook.

According to a report from, the new "smoking-gun" evidence was found by a forensic expert on Facebook's computers. ConnectU's attorney told the US District Court Tuesday that if ConnectU were forced into a settlement, they would subsequently lodge a fraud claim.

The judge however isn't being friendly to ConnectU so far, noting that both parties signed the settlement based on "imperfect knowledge" of all relevant facts, and went on to suggest that ConnectU is suffering a case of buyers remorse.