Monsanto GMO Wheat Lawsuit Filed By Kansas Farmer

Tara Dodrill

Monsanto GMO wheat has prompted yet another lawsuit. Kansas wheat farmer Bill Budde filed legal documents seeking a class action suit against biotech giant Monsanto in a federal courthouse on Friday.

Genetically modified wheat lawsuits have also been filed against Monsanto in both Washington State and Idaho. After the discovery of genetically engineered wheat in an Oregon field in May, crop prices experienced a significant decline. International wheat buyers cancelled orders due to concerns about possible contamination of the staple crop. Unlike the United States, a multitude of other nations boast strict rules against GMO crop growing and importation.

The Harvey County wheat farmer's Monsanto lawsuit is at least the third such legal action since the discovery of the GE wheat in Oregon, according to KSHB News. The biotech giant continues to maintain that none of the genetically modified wheat ever entered the market either in America or abroad. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, some of the GMO wheat from the 2005 field test was stored at a government-controlled facility in Colorado.

Monsanto further contends that the company has no legal liability in relation to the GMO wheat found in an Oregon field due to the "care undertaken" in associated with the genetically modified crop. The St. Louis-based business has also vowed to put on a vigorous defense to all of the emerging GE wheat lawsuits.

Anti-GMO protests and grassroots movements on social networks may have hit Monsanto in the pocketbook. A Reuters report notes that the Roundup Ready company's quarterly profits fell. Although sales may have taken a dip recently, the company states that sales remain on an upswing. Approximately 90 percent of the corn currently growing in fields across America stem from GMO seeds.

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