Nevada Police Arrest Man Who Criticized Their Parking

James Johnson

Several Nevada Police officers have come under fire after they arrested a man who simply criticized their bad parking job.

As the man stood outside of a Nevada casino, the officers quickly pounced on another man who was video recording the altercation. Officers then confiscated a second phone camera from another bystander.

Officers deciding they hadn't collected enough "evidence" then turned to several other bystandards and demanded that they also hand over their smartphones and cameras.

According to

"Today, three months later, none of the cameras have been returned, but the man who was arrested has obtained footage from two of the four seized cameras as discovery as he prepares for his trial."

The man is now facing two charges of obstruction, and he is scheduled to appear in court next month.

The video at the top of the page shows a man acting rather obnoxious but not to the point where he deserved to be detained and charged.

Here's a second look at the video recorded footage from one of the other bystander's phones:

In the meantime, online commenters are not being kind to the man, joking about his inability to hold a smartphone camera the right way. Here's a typical response from viewers:

"I am pretty sure he was arrested for filming the wrong way on a cellphone. Let's give the cops a benefit of the doubt."

Do you think Nevada police officers overstepped their power in arresting the man who simply criticized them for a bad parking job?