2010 Indianapolis Colts Preview

No matter what it is very tough to bet against Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts. Have some things changed? Sure. However does it really matter? They ride a record of 7 consecutive seasons with at least 12 wins, eight straight trips to the post season, and they are the reining AFC champions. Sure some key players on offense and defense are gone, but Bill Polian is the smartest guy in the NFL and he has this team primed and ready for another great season.

Manning leads an offense that should still be very good. Joseph Addai and Donald Brown are in the backfield, and they are still very good. Reggie Wayne, Austin Collie, Pierre Garcon and TE Dallas Clark make up his receiving corps. On the O Line Jeff Saturday is the center, but this team faces some uncertainty at the Guard positions.

Many call the Colts defense one guy, DE Dwight Freeney. However they added Jerry Hughes in the draft and people tend to forget about Robert Mathis. Their may not be huge stars in the LB corps, but they are solid playmakers. The four secondary spots are set with Kelvin Hayden and Jerruad Powers as the corners. Antoine Bethea and Bob Sanders as the deep guys. On the whole an above average unit.

On Special Teams Adam Vinatieri will be the kicker, with Pat McAfee handling the punting duties. Ray Fisher will be the kick returner, and Brandon James will return punts.

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