Apple’s morals strike their new social music network by muting Lady Gaga tweets

Apple is well known for applying their corporate (of Steve Jobs’) morality upon anything that happens within their sphere of influence. We have seen this happen more than a few time when it comes to apps but apparently this same morality is being applied to things like Twitter messages on the promo pages for artists that are a part of their new music social network called Ping.

Marshall Kirkpatrick at ReadWriteWeb is posting about the cleaner version of Lady Gaga’s promo page. Not cleaner as in now racy pictures, although that still remains to be seen, but rather the Twitter messages from Lady Gaga’s Twitter stream.

You see Lady Gaga is a vocal opponent to Proposition 8 – the anti-gag marriage legislation – and quite often takes to Twitter to voice that opposition. The problem is none of those messages are showing up in her Twitter stream on her Ping promo page.

One has to wonder how Lady Gaga is going to feel about this muzzling of her right to free speech within Apple’s newest playground?

images courtesy of ReadWriteWeb