June 29, 2017
'Despicable Me 2' Spin-Off 'Minions' Will Hit Theaters Next Year

Fans of Despciable Me 2 and the minions won't have to wait very long for another movie. Universal and Illumination Entertainment's spin-off is set to arrive in theaters next year.

The animated sequel was a huge hit for the studio and the production company over the past five days. The follow-up has earned an impressive $142 million since opening on July 3. The film's box office success overseas helped push its worldwide total to $293 million.

Universal and Illumination were probably hoping Despicable Me 2 would be a huge hit with moviegoers. The sequel's popularity will certainly help drive business to the upcoming Despicable Me spin-off Minions. The film is currently slated to open in theaters on December 19, 2014.

Instead of continuing the Despicable Me storyline, the Minions movie will tell the origin story of everyone's favorite yellow sidekicks. The spin-off will bring a handful of talented actors and actresses to the franchise for the first time.

Jon Hamm and The Heat star Sandra Bullock will lend their voices to directors Kyle Balda and Pierre Coffin's Minions. The actor and actress were tapped to portray Herb and Scarlett Overkill in the spin-off. Bullock's character is described as "the worlds reigning super-villain of the 1960s."

Here's the official synopsis from Universal:

The Minions, breakout stars from 'Despicable Me,' are presented in an origin story that showcases their unpredictable personality and physicality, and pairs them with equally memorable human characters. As it turns out, Minions have existed since the beginning of time. They have evolved from single cell organisms into the familiar beings we know, and they live for a collective purpose: to seek out and serve the most despicable master they can find.

In addition to a record-breaking box office hit and an upcoming spin-off movie, the Minions have an extensive line of toys and collectibles up for grabs. The items range from adorable eight-inch talking dolls to something described as the "Despicable Me 2 Banana Fart Blaster." This writer probably would have proudly owned one of these as a kid.

Did you catch Despicable Me 2 in theaters over the weekend? Are you planning to see Minions when it lands in theaters next year?