Kim Jong Il's Hennessy Thirst Cost $1 Million Per Year

Kim Jong Il's Hennessy thirst cost North Korean citizens an average of $1 million per year.

The former dictator was reportedly the largest single client for the Hennessy brand.

The cost of Kim Jong Il's Hennessy addiction was first reported by online drinks firm The company examined the drinking habits of many world leaders and found that Kim Jong Il's Hennessy habit was greater than other famed drinkers including Churchill, Thatcher, Blair, and Cameron.

Kim Jong Il was known to purchase Hennessy by the case, which in turn led to him regime becoming the single largest buyer of the famed drink.

The North Korean dictator loved the drink so much that he was often pictured with the beverage alongside his meetings with his top officials and world leaders.

Kim Jong Il would have to personally drink a lot of whiskey to gobble up $1 million annually at $30 to $40 per bottle. Instead, North Korea's leader would gift the drink to friends and world leaders and present the drink at his own lavish parties.

While most North Koreans are repressed throughout the country, Kim Jong Il and his top officials were known to greatly admire Western civilization for its cars, drinks, and various other pieces of luxury.

The regimes love of Western items was so great that to punish Kim Jong Il the United Nations cut off trade in luxury goods. The United Nations decisions forced the North Korean dictator to purchase luxury items through back channels.

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