[VIDEO] Errr …: Nintendo Wii gets its own sex toys

Welcome to late-night Inquisitr, where this evening I’m showing you these odd and not-at-all-creepy Wii sex toys. Yea. Wii sex toys.

The Wii has rapidly become the destination for all crappy/odd/funny/freaky controller add-ons, so I guess this was always the inevitable outcome. You don’t even need a Wii console for this – just a Wii controller to clip your appendage of choice to.

Once attached, connect your controller via bluetooth to a PC running special software, and ta-da! – a remote control vibrator that can be controlled in the same room or over the internet. It’s like sex, but with a game controller and with none of the fun or contact or intimacy or joy.

The company behind these, Mojowijo, has just started up its beta test program for its creation, so go and sign up if you’re sick of lonely evenings and want a free prototype Wii dildo. Not all at once, ladies.

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[Via SF Weekly]