Smoker Wears Cage On Head To Stop Having Cigarettes

Not many people are determined as Ibrahim Yücel to stop smoking. This smoker is actually wearing a cage on his head to stop himself from having cigarettes.

The 42-year-old Turkish man has been smoking two packs of cigarettes since he was 16 and is desperate to quit. His father died from lung cancer, so he knows he needs to be healthy for him and his family. He was inspired to create the helmet like cage by looking at motorcycle helmets.

The former smoker doesn't go anywhere without a cage on his head, including work. He leaves the keys to the cage with his wife, so he can't ever sneak a cigarette.

Yücel's family was a little unsure about his unorthodox method to stop smoking, but they are now very supportive.

It actually isn't that surprising that Yücel has chosen such a drastic way to quit smoking. According to research, the average smoker has tried to quit smoking four times.

About 35 percent of smokers have actually stayed away from friends who smoke when trying to quit the habit. Sixteen percent of smokers admitted to not going out socially until their cigarette cravings passed.

Dr. Sarah Jarvis said that most smokers are so desperate to quit smoking that they will take drastic measures.

"The vast majority are not taking advantage of the free help available to them from their healthcare professional, which has been shown to significantly increase the chances of success," Jarvis said. "Your healthcare professional can tailor a plan to you to maximize your chance of success. Whatever your motivation, don't go cold turkey but instead quit with help."

What do you think of the smoker who wears a cage on his head? Do you think his attempt to quit smoking is too drastic?

[Image via Shuttershock]