Use Foursquare to get an STD… badge…

On the great grand list of things we’re not yet ready for, I think you might find location-aware game badges celebrating STD testing.

STD testing is a clever, responsible thing to do if you’re regular tapping that ass (especially if it’s several asses.) But so are pap smears, and I am pretty sure I wouldn’t announce mine with a speculum badge on Foursquare. The awareness initiative is a joint venture with MTV aimed at removing the stigma attached to STD testing, explains Mashable:

The Foursquare partnership encourages people to follow MTV on Foursquare, check in after getting tested and shout “GYT” to their followers. After doing so, users will earn the GYT badge, and thereby make it known that they’re taking control of their sex lives. Those who score the badge will also be entered to win a trip for two to New York City, as well as backstage passes to MTV’s 10 on Top.

In order to unlock the badge, you have to shout “GYT” at your friends after checking in at a clinic. Considering the blurred lines we now have between professional and personal lives on places like Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter (the latter two are often fed check-ins and updated mayorships from the former), is this something that has far more potential to cause harm than good? Would you display an “I’ve been tested” badge on your Foursquare account?