College Humor's First Full-Length Film Drops Online July 9

College Humor will release its first full-length feature film on July 9.

The film, which is a direct to digital experiment, features a well known cast of characters which includes Glenn Howerton (It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia), Adrianne Palciki (Friday Night Lights), Ben Schwartz (Parks and Recreation), Steve Little (Eastbound and Down), and Josh Groban.

College Humor's first featured film is titled Coffee Town. The film is about a coffee shop that is attempting to turn itself into a fancy bistro.

Customers interested in purchasing the video will be able to pick up a copy on iTunes and through other yet-to-be revealed sources.

The experiment could pay off thanks to College Humor's ability to hyper-target its own demographic. The popular humor website is using its own platform and social media accounts to target its younger demographic of potential viewers.

The College Humor feature full-length film will likely contain the same type of juvenile jokes that have helped the website gain a massive audience of young followers.

The movie will be screened in select theaters and then premiere at the Just for Laughs festival in Montreal at the end of this month.

While most viewers will never have the chance to watch Coffee Town in theaters, enough buyers could lead to more full-length feature films from College Humor and from other comedy troupes looking to take advantage of the new digital age.

You might recall that comedian Louis C.K. earned $1 million by offering his most recent comedy offering for $5 per copy with no DRM rights via his own website.

Direct to digital has had proven success on a smaller scale and now College Humor's full-length feature can test the model with a larger audience in mind.

Will you be logging online to pick up College Humor's Coffee Town when it debuts on July 9?