Decapitated Referee Lynch: Man Dismembered, Head Put On Stake

A soccer referee was decapitated and viciously quartered by an angry mob in Brazil. In a gruesome display of “Passion” following an amateur soccer game the man was beheaded and quartered.

Reuters reported that the referee who was decapitated, Octavio da Silva Catanhede Jordan, stabbed a player on June 30th, after his refusal to leave the pitch having been red carded. As the argument got more heated the ref then pulled out a pocket knife and stabbed the player repeatedly.

The player, Josenir dos Santos, aged 30, died on route to the hospital from his wounds.

Soon after the stabbing, a mob lynched and decapitated the ref on the pitch, removing his limbs and placing his head on a stake.

Maranhão Valter Costa, the Chief of Police in Santa Ines, in the north of Brazil where the incident occurred said that suspects were being questioned in the lynching:

“Reports of witnesses have indicated some people that were in place at the time of the fact. We will identify and hold accountable all those involved. A crime will never justify another. Actions like this do not collaborate with the legality of a state law.”

Luis Moraes Souza, 27 was arrested last week in connection with the murder and the police are looking for two other men according to rumors circulating on Brazilian blogs. have posted a video clip of the decapitated referee which you can view here. *WARNING: VIDEO CONTENT IS EXTREMELY GRAPHIC*

Whether or not you watched the video clip the beheading and quartering of the brazilian referee is a disgraceful display of passion gone wrong. What do you thing about the incident? Was there any justification in the gruesome decapitating, following the stabbing of the player? Sound off in the comments below.