Digg mutiny continues, feud makes ‘Time’ as users abandon ship to Reddit

If you’ve checked in over at Reddit lately, you know the place is overrun with Digg refugees.

So, apparently the “new Digg” didn’t go over well on an epic scale, and many Digg users have vocally begun to express their displeasure. Amusingly, even Time thought to cover the longstanding rivalry:

But the best revenge? Teaming up with the enemy. So many enraged Digg fans jumped ship and headed to competitor Reddit that the latter’s moderators posted a Reddit 101 guide for new users. And as icing on the betrayal cake, one intrepid Digg-hater set up an automatic feed on Digg of Reddit posts.

I have to admit to not being a good, objective reviewer because I strongly prefer the format and tone of Reddit to Digg. It’s difficult to quantify how the large-scale frustration will play out in the long term for Digg, or whether the many new users proclaiming to be Digg refugees will stick around and become contributing members.

Have you switched? Are you finding the “new Digg”still preferable to Reddit? Pic attached, it’s my Digg front page.