Price drop coming for Nintendo DSi and DSi XL

From September 12th, Nintendo will slash the prices of the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL in North America.

Following on from a price drop in Japan and Europe, the DSi will be dropped to $149.99, and the monstrously proportioned DSi XL to $169.99 – that’s a $20 cut from each. You should already own some version of the Nintendo DS, because it’s an awesome little console with some majestic games. If you do have a DS of some description, I would resist this. And here’s why:

Seventeen days after the price drop, on September 29th, somebody from Nintendo will stand on a stage and tell us what they expect us to pay for a Nintendo 3DS. They’ll also tell us when we’ll get the 3DS, which has already been guaranteed a release in all major regions before March 31st, 2011.

Call me Mr. McCynicalPants, but I’m going to hold out for my shiny new 3DS, rather than grab a handheld which will be old news six months after purchase.

[Via press release]