BP blamed for the Gulf oil disaster by – BP engineers

In a report that still has ten days to go before being publicly released BP’s own engineers have finally figured out who was to blame for the Deepwater Horizon disaster. It turns out that an employee misread some pressure data and gave he go ahead to replace the drilling fluid with seawater. This allowed natural gas to shoot up the pipeline and cause the explosion on the drilling rig.

However, according to Fast Company’s Addy Dugdale, the blame game doesn’t stop there:

The 200-page report has been compiled by BP’s head of safety and operations, Mark Bly, who finds both BP and Transocean jointly responsible for the disaster. Although BP initially tried to hold both Transocean, the firm operating the rig, and Halliburton, the contractor, responsible, the report reveals that Halliburton had in fact warned BP of a potential blowout. BP’s two partners have both claimed in front of federal investigators that they were following BP’s designs and directives on the rig.

Well, that might make the next few boardroom meetings a little difficult.