‘Pokemon X And Y’ New Monster Raises Eyebrows

Pokemon X and Y has a new monster, and it raises some eyebrows to say the least.

News about Pokemon X and Y has been circling the pond for months now, releasing facts and rumors in almost equal amounts. The latest entry involves something a little odd.

Now we’ve already seen the announced Legendary Pokemon and the new mount Gogoat, and possibly a flying mount which may or may not exist. Manufactured Pokemon aren’t exactly new to the bunch either, but this is the first time it seems a little forced. What might fit in more easily with a more run of the mill role-playing game or possibly Soul Calibur is now a monster in the upcoming 3DS title.

Pokemon X and Y now have a new monster called Honedge. What is Honedge, you may ask? It’s a sword. Honedge is a sword with a sentient cloth it uses like limbs, basically a possessed weapon. It has no eyes, no mouth, and no limbs of its own, and just seems strange as a Pokemon alongside the legion of little animals, fairies and dragons.

Nintendo has explained Honedge as such:

“It is now known that Honedge comes into being when a departed spirit possesses a sword that once belonged to humans. It can use the blue cloth attached to its hilt as nimbly as an arm. Pokémon Trainers who carelessly take this blade in hand may find the blue cloth wrapping itself around them and draining their energy! Honedge can learn the attack Swords Dance, a Normal-type move. Swords Dance is a frenetic dance that uplifts the fighting spirit and sharply raises the user’s Attack stat. The effect can be increased by using this move multiple times in succession, helping Trainers who deploy this move at the beginning of a battle to overwhelm one opponent after another!”

Still, Honedge is a very strange addition to the regular roster of monsters in Pokemon X and Y. No details were given as to how you bond with the new monster, as it seems bent on destroying you if you don’t.

What do you think of the new monster in Pokemon X and Y? Is Honedge a good fit for the roster?