Shin Soo-Ji Pitch Wows Crowd [Video]

Shin Soo-Ji isn’t a baseball player but she sure can pitch.

The South Korean rhythmic gymnast threw out the first pitch at a baseball game in Seoul, South Korea, between the Doosan Bears and the Samsung Lions. But Shin Soo-Ji didn’t just throw her pitch.

She twisted her body, spun in a circle, threw her leg over her head, and then tossed the ball directly over home plate.

OK, so it wasn’t directly over the plate. It probably wasn’t even a strike. But the video isn’t really impressive because Soo-Ji’s accuracy. It’s impressive because she practically does a flip mid wind-up and still manages to get the ball to the catcher.

The pitch stunned the baseball players, got a great reaction from the announces, and amazed the internet.

According to All K Pop, Shin Soo-Ji’s pitch used an acrobatic move called a “back illusion.” I guess that’s because it looks like the gymnast is turning her back to the plate but she’s actually spinning under leg.

And just in case the video got you wondering about Shin Soo-Ji. Here’s another little tidbit about the South Korean gymnast: She’s reportedly dating Heo Kyung Hwan.

Soo-Jin, however, denies this.

shin soo-ji

Are you impressed with Shin Soo-Ji’s pitch?

[Image Via Twitter]