16 Great Batman The Dark Knight desktop wallpapers

While Batman might not be my most favorite comic hero, he is up there though, there is no doubt that the Batman characters is one of the most iconic of the comic superhero world. While I was putting together a Windows 7 themepack based around Arkham Asylum I kept running up against some great wallpapers for Batman and The Dark Knight so I figured I would hop over here and share some of my favorites with you.

Just as Batman is iconic so is his greatest nemesis The Joker so there are a few of him thrown in the mix as well.


Joker's Batman - joogz

Muchness of Me

Batman Wallpaper - coramay

Batman Arkham City Wallpaper - santi-yo

The Batman Wallpaper - TGillan

Dark Knight - al-xx

via Logo & Logo Wallpaper collection

The Tumbler in the Mist - brianhaddad

The Dark Knight - savethecake

The Joker - Wallpaper - whathe

via Movies-Photos.com

Batman Wallpaper - SpiderOmega

Joker - And here we go - mirilyon-designz

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Batman - Arkham City Wallpaper - mininudoidu