Coming to a bar menu near you – Fried Beer – Wait! What?!?

Yes you read that right – Fried Beer.

Sounds impossible right?

Never mind asking why you would even want to eat fried beer how the hell do you fry a bubbly liquid?

Well apparently it is something that creator Mark Zable has been trying to do for the past three years.

For three years, Zable has been on a mission to concoct Fried Beer. He remembers staring at a bar menu in a restaurant. Calamari. Nachos. Fried cheese.


“Someone needs to figure out a way to fry beer,” he thought.

Zable started experimenting. But the beer-and-dough concoction kept exploding once it hit the fryer. He kept getting burned.

So he consulted with a food scientist – still, no luck.

Then, earlier this year, he finally found the recipe for success. Now Zable keeps the process shrouded in secrecy and has applied for a Fried Beer patent and trademark.

Source: Dallas News

Wow. Fried Beer.