HTC Device Shows Up Mysteriously For Verizon Wireless

The phone shown above is an “Evo’ish” HTC Smartphone bound for Verizon Wireless. The unit doesn’t appear to have a name at this point, but it does appear to be larger than the EVO and has a nice looking “Nexus One” type body with brushed aluminum that may signal a “top of the line” device.

The unit also appears to have an 8MP camera with a dual-LED flash for pictures which can be viewed on the units 4.3 inch display, as can the units front-facing camera output. A Kickstand is also provided alongside a 3.5mm headphone jack.

No official release date for this unit, then again I’d be willing to settle for a device name.

Here’s a second look at the HTC mystery device from the backside:

Mysterious HTC Device for Verizon Wireless - Backside

[via BGR]