Astronaut Auction Proceeds Will Go Toward 'Saving The World' From Asteroids


We'r not sure if they're overreacting or if they just know something that we don't, but two astronauts are auctioning off items from their personal collections in an effort to "save the world" from deadly asteroids.

Apollo 9 spacewalker Rusty Schweickart and International Space Station flight engineer Ed Lu are putting up astronaut memorabilia from their own collections, including mission patches, flags, medals and pins, in order to fund the launch of the private Sentinel space telescope, designed to monitor and track asteroids that are set to approach close to Earth and that possibly represent a risk to humanity.

"We want to literally save the world," Lu said of the auction.

"Not only will the money raised by this auction go to supporting the Sentinel mission, but also we hope the increased attention to our cause will help everyone realize that they really can take a critical role in protecting our planet in a real and concrete way."

The auction is being held on eBay and will run through Sunday, July 7. Eight lots are being offered: Five from Schweickart and three from Lu. You can see them here.

A previous effort from the B612 Foundation in April raised $2 million toward the Sentinel telescope mission. The new astronaut auction wants to nab even more.

"Both Rusty and I were privileged to see the Earth as few others have, and that experience has convinced us that there is nothing more important than the B612 Sentinel mission," Lu explained, "simply because there is no more important mission than protecting our home planet."

How much do you think the astronaut auction will bring in?

[Image via: muratart / Shutterstock]