If this doesn’t get an Apple fanboy’s heart racing well, they’re probably dead

Take two iconic brands and mash them together and what do you get?

An Apple fanboy’s driving wet dream. Seriously.

The way it works is this. Take a Mercedes-Benz S Class and hand it over to the German tuning shop Brabus. Then wait while they take the 750 horsepowered beautifully crafted dream on wheels and add in all the Apple gadgets one’s heart could desire.

The result: iBusiness.

The list of Apple goodies include:

  • A Mac Mini in an electronically operated tray in the trunk
  • A flip down LCD screen that stows in the ceiling
  • A multi-channel sound system
  • Dual iPads with Apple keyboards that can also be used to control the Mercedes-Benz COMAND system
  • 3G Internet connection

Since most of us will only own this thing in our dreams here’s some teaser images of the dream car to help you visualize it later.

via DVICE / images courtesy of Bornrich.org