Pauly D Endorses Saggy Pants Ban [Video]

Pauly D is “down” with the saggy pants ban.

The Wildwood, N.J., ban on saggy pants for the boardwalk enacted last month has received the endorsement of the former Jersey Shore star.

The ratings-winning Jersey Shore reality show ran on MTV from December 2009 to December 2012 and along with Pauly D featured Snooki, JWoww, The Situation, and several other colorful characters.

Responding to a question about the saggy pants ban, Pauly D told the TMZ cameras that “I heard about that … I’m not trying to look at guys’ [rear ends] going down the street … it’s all good.”

The new family friendly ordinance for the popular N.J. beach town’s boardwalk forbids anyone from wearing pants or skirts that sag more than three inches below the waist that exposes either skin or underwear. Fines for violators would range from $25 to $200 with the possibility of community service as well. The law took effect earlier this week.

Wilwood Mayor Ernest Troiano Jr. says the ban will add a touch of decency to his town, telling reporters, “It’s amazing — and this is a pun — how far decency has fallen through the cracks.”

Police will be authorized to tell offenders to hike up their pants and if they are unwilling to comply, they must leave the boardwalk. Officers can also issue the tickets for those who insist on being uncooperative, however. “Cops won’t make their rounds with measuring tape … They’ll ask obvious saggers to pull up their pants or leave the boardwalk before taking action.”

Some rappers have blasted the saggy pants ban for being racist, but the ordinance has received the support of “General” Larry Platt, the “Pants on the Ground” singer/songwriter from American Idol who said that “I am happy about the law and would like to see the law passed worldwide.”

Have you formed an opinion on the saggy pants ban?