‘The Lone Ranger’ Isn’t Alone: 10 Movies With Insulting Stereotypes

The Lone Ranger is far from being the first movie with insulting stereotypes. Here’s ten you should probably avoid.

The Lone Ranger is offensive because it attempts to pass Johnny Depp off as a Native American in a time period where we still called them Indians. His acting is so obvious that actual Native Americans probably walked out. Of course this wasn’t the first time Disney made a movie racially offensive …

Song of the South featured an African American actor who always smiled, and was surrounded by others that were always dancing or something. This film was considered so offensive that it has been banned from being sold inside the US.  It almost makes you wonder if Paula Deen might have this one in her collection.

Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace is full of aliens based on stereotypes, from JarJar Binks and his over-the-top African American-ish impression to Watto, the slave owner who seemed based on nothing more than a Jewish stereotype. It really makes you wonder about George Lucas.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s featured probably the most offensive Asian stereotype we’ve ever seen, as Mickey Rooney played an yellow-faced Oriental with an always wide open mouth and huge teeth, and squinty eyes.  And then he talked …

Borat, or any film starring Sacha Baron Cohen, stars a blatant stereotype, from the insultingly gay Bruno to … well, every single foreigner he has ever portrayed.  His entire filmography seems filled with insulting stereotypes.

The Love Guru featured Mike Meyers as the most stereotypically awful version of an Indian we’ve ever seen, and only barely “outshines” nearly every nationality Mike Meyers ever plays.

Kill Bill might seem okay at first, but then you get to the part where Pai Mei teaches Black Mamba how to fight. Even though he is actually Oriental, his portrayal of a martial arts teacher is so over the top that we imagine most Oriental martial arts teachers want to beat him with his own fake beard.

Birth of a Nation was so racist at heart that even Caucasians would be insulted. The good guys were members of the Ku Klux Klan, and the bad guys were lazy wastrels in black face makeup.  It made Robert Downey Jr’s take in Tropic Thunder almost look innocent.

Shallow Hal was full of so many references to overweight people being under par or undesirable that it made anyone on a diet want to chuck the DVD at the director and call him an insensitive ****.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen not only had racist characters, but these characters were painstakingly animated and designed. The first film was forgivable for making Jazz talk in ebonics and even breakdance when we first see him transform (Optimus Prime mourns his death later on), but the twins in the second one were so offensive and useless, the movie really would have been better without them. And let’s not forget that one guy from the first film who over-acted every single scene like he was on drugs. Anthony Anderson is like that in every movie he’s in.

What movies have you seen with overly offensive stereotypes?