Video Games Of America: The Most Patriotic Games You’ll Ever See

Some video games just scream “America.” Here are some of the most patriotic titles you’ll probably ever see.

Have you ever seen a video game that basically tells you right from the title that no other country in the world would feel right playing it? Yes, Japan has quite a few of them, but in honor of Independence Day, we’ve rounded up some video games that are almost as likely to get a salute out of American gamers as Old Glory itself.

America’s Army is the only video game in existence that is completely funded, owned, and distributed by the USA. This first-person shooter arcade game (using actual game guns) was released on July 4, 2002 as a way for freedom-fueled gamers to take out terrorists after the attacks on 9/11. This is simply the most patriotic game you will ever play.

America: the Game is another one with the word right in the title. Not a lot is known about it, or if it’s actually about South America … seriously, there is more than one America. We shouldn’t be too cocky with that one.

American Gladiators was based on a TV show where well-muscled athletes took on contestants in such patriotic activities as … um, fighting with giant Nerf Q-Tips and racing on monkey bars.

Assassin’s Creed III is Ubisoft’s attempt at putting an assassin right in the middle of the machinations of the United States Civil War, making it one of the most recently patriotic games we know of. This game lets you meet some of the founding fathers!

Christian Founders 3D Computer Game has you playing as Uncle Sam himself as the game uses thinly disguised religious ideals and shows us how America was founded, using sheep and 3D puzzles. Because obviously there were no signatures, muskets, or Native Americans involved, right?

FDNY: American Hero – Firefighter was a pretty terrible game almost all the way, but the proceeds mostly went toward the New York City Fire Safety Education Fund. It was almost more fun just to make the donation and leave the game out of it.

Freedom Fighters was the video game equivalent of Patrick Swayze’s Red Dawn, where World War II was lost when the USSR dropped the nuke on us and took the President as its prisoner. You were part of a Guerrilla team fighting its way through New York to take the country back.

Metal Wolf Chaos was a game where the Vice President went to war with the President. The two fought for supremacy using giant mechs. The ironic part of this game is that it was only released in Japan.

Patriotic Pinball is just jam-packed with American symbolism, from George Washington’s head to the Statue of Liberty. The flippers and bumpers are literally American flags.

Political Machine 2008 was a game that gave you control over the mud-slinging tactics of modern day American politics. Yes, it was probably as fun as it sounds. This was the same company that later made Assassin’s Creed.

Saints Row IV is a game where the leader of the Third Street Saints is elected the President of the United States, and then has to fight off an alien invasion using some rather unusual means. Because that’s what the President does, apparently. The game even has an Independence Day trailer, right here on The Inquisitr!

What do you think of these American video games? Are there any patriotic games we didn’t mention?