Two Young Children, Father Die In July 4th Pennsylvania House Fire

A July 4th fire at a Central Pennsylvanian house has claimed the lived of four people, two of them children aged six and seven.

According to Fire Chief Tim Gregg, the blaze started in the kitchen of house during the early hours of the morning. It is not clear exactly what caused the fire but investigators have suggested that it may have been due to “overcooked food”, relating to some frozen potatoes that were cooked in an oven.

The Three-story duplex was home to a number of families, at least 15 people lived there.

The owner of the home, 65-year-old Vietnam veteran Jimmie Moore, was one of the two adults who died in the fatal fire. The other adult victim was in his 40’s.

One of Mr Moore’s daughters, Cyrena Brock, arrived at the scene in the early hours of the morning. Speaking briefly to reporters she said: “Rest in peace, dad. He was a hero to me.”

Three other people were critically injured in the Pennsylvania house fire and are in hospital. David Kuhns died tragically along with his two young sons and his wife Crystal and their other two children were among those injured seriously.

The tragedy of the house fire in Pennsylvania is made worse by the fact that fire decimated a whole family. Those in critical condition are in the burns unit at the Crozer-Chester Medical Center in Delaware County.

[Image Via: CBSnews]