Malia Obama Celebrates 15th Birthday At Fourth Of July White House Barbecue [Live Video]

There are two big birthdays to celebrate at the White House today: Malia Obama’s and America’s. President Obama and Michelle will be throwing a double birthday / Fourth of July barbecue bash at the White House today to celebrate their daughter’s 15th birthday and America’s 237th.

The NY Daily News reports that the Obama family may be a little jet-lagged today as they’ve been traveling in Africa for the last week. They better get energized quick, however, as more than 1200 troops have been invited to the White House South lawn for a barbecue, concert, and fireworks.

The festivities will start tonight at 8 pm EST.

The band FUN will be playing on the South Lawn tonight. You can watch a live video of the White House Fourth of July barbecue below.

In his weekly address, President Obama wished American a happy Fourth of July and asked them to remember what the holiday was all about.

Obama says:

“Please take a moment during the festivities to remember what our Independence day is all about. On July 4th, 1776, a band of patriots declared that we were a people created equal. It was a declaration heard all around the world. We were no longer colonists. We were Americans.”

Here’s a video of President Obama’s address.

You can watch a live video of the White House 4th of July barbecue (and Malia Obama’s birthday party) below.

[Photo Via WhiteHouse.Gov]