‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Will Feature A More Arrogant Hero

Batman: Arkham Origins will star a more arrogant, cocky Batman.

We already know that Batman: Arkham Origins is planned as a prequel to the Arkham games before it. We already know that he’ll face off with Gotham City’s more criminally insane “citizens” for the first time, the most prominent of which so far are Catwoman and Deathstroke. What we didn’t know was that before facing the likes of the Joker, Batman was much more arrogant and cocky, and “screwed up” more.

This is one of the big changes that Warner Bros’ Games Montreal is bringing to their installment of the Batman: Arkham franchise. Batman is inexperienced and sort of thinks he knows it all, when he’s barely even started learning what Gotham’s criminal element is capable of.

Creative director Eric Holmes says, “Sometimes we’ll show him try something, and he’ll screw it up. But when he screws it up, he screws it up in a cool way. For example, one interrogation we have in the game, when he’s interrogating someone and trying to get this information out of them – he goes too far and chokes the guy out. The next time he interrogates someone he doesn’t push it that far.”

Batman’s screw-ups won’t extend to gameplay, however. He won’t be tripping over his gadgets or dropping them on the floor in the middle of the action. The dark knight will still be learning, basically, what works and what doesn’t. He’ll be cocky, in that he’s just been dealing with the mob the whole time, so when a supervillain like Bane comes along, he will discover he’s a little out of his league at the moment and needs to adapt.

The idea of Batman being a bumbling imbecile who can’t handle his gadgets would probably add too much of an element of comedy to the game, and be out of character for the caped crusader. Eric Holmes wouldn’t mind that, but he knows it would be out of place.

What do you think of Batman: Arkham Origins featuring a more cocky and arrogant hero?