Watch the Shuttle Launch Live

NASA’s Space Shuttle Endeavour is set to launch into space tonight, and you can watch it live as it happens.

Endeavor is expected to take off from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center at 7:55 p.m. ET Friday. As of mid-morning, engineers are estimating a 70 percent chance the weather will stay calm enough for the shuttle launch to remain on schedule.

You can see the shuttle launch live at NASA TV or view our live stream below (note that non-stop shuttle coverage may not begin until later in the day). NASA also offers a host of other live streaming options — you can see specific views of the launchpad and other space facilities, as well as NASA’s official weather monitoring channel. Finally, NASA’s Space Shuttle Countdown Portal offers a view of the current launch clock in real-time, along with regularly refreshed images from the various video feeds.

The Space Shuttle Endeavor will spend 15 days at the International Space Station. Its crew will conduct four spacewalks and install new quarters, which will include a “waste water recycling system” about to turn urine into drinkable water. They’ll also be bringing a new oxygen generator.

Crews began filling the shuttle’s external tank with liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen propellants just moments ago. The fueling is expected to be finished by 1:30 p.m. ET.

Shuttle Launch Live Feed from NASA TV: