‘Despicable Me 2’ Breaks Records At The Box Office

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Despicable Me 2 broke records at the box office after only one day of release.

The follow-up to the hit 2010 animated comedy is proving to be very popular with moviegoers young and old this week. Not only did the flick earn an estimated $34.3 million on Wednesday, it also broke a few box office records in the process.

According to Deadline, Despicable Me 2 enjoyed the biggest Wednesday opening in the history of Universal Pictures. The sequel also holds the record as the third highest opening for an animated feature. Needless to say, the follow-up is a pretty big hit for the studio.

“It’s quite an accomplishment,” a Universal executive said.

The Wrap reports that Despicable Me 2 enjoyed significant success overseas as well. The animated comedy already generated a healthy $66 million overseas, putting its worldwide total at $100 million. Considering the movie only cost $76 million to make, it’s safe to say Universal will be moving forward with more installments.

Unfortunately for the folks at Disney, the Johnny Depp action flick The Lone Ranger isn’t setting the box office on fire. The $220 million production only brought in around $9 million on opening day. It would seem the studio will need a miracle to make this thing turn a profit.

Since Gore Verbinski’s adaptation of the classic television series is struggling to lure moviegoers into theaters, analysts have slightly revised their box office predictions. Many believe the movie will only earn approximately $45 million when the weekend wraps up. Is this another John Carter?

Disney could still pull through this mess if foreign audiences decide to show up in cinemas. Johnny Depp and the Pirates franchise are popular overseas, which means the studio still has a opportunity to break even on the strength of its international performance.

Did you check out Despicable Me 2 in theaters on opening day? Are you surprised the animated family flick has broken a handful of box office records?

[Image via Universal Pictures]