Julianne Moore Discusses Upcoming ‘Carrie’ Role

Actress Julianne Moore recently sat down to discuss her upcoming role in Carrie. 

The award winning actress has been busy lately and she admits to SFX Magazine that her role as Margaret White was one of the most terrifying of her career.

Carrie will hit theaters in October and in preparation for that release Julianne Moore explains why the role of Margaret White is so scary:

“It’s impossible not to be scary as this character. She is terrifying. I think any time you encounter a parent being cruel it’s terrifying and that’s the bottom line.”

Moore is a fan of the original Carrie movie that dates back to 1976 when she was just 14 years old. Moore says she remembers walking out of the theater and seeing a pale look on the face of moviegoers.

“You spend the whole movie crying and it’s emotional, but you’re thinking it’s not very scary until you get to the end. I think it’s a seminal movie for all of us about adolescence,” Moore revealed.

It has been a busy month for Julianne Moore, as we reported yesterday she was just named as the new face of premiere clothing and accessories line Reed Krakoff

In other related Carrie news Julianne Moore also took some time to offer some dating advice to co-star Chloe Grace Moretz:

“You can’t just like someone. They might be using you. I talk to Julianne about it and she says, ‘Look, just be careful. Trust your judgement but don’t get in too deep sometimes.’ Because, you know, when you’re young, you fall in love and don’t know it’s happening.”

Will you be heading to theaters in October to watch Julianne Moore take on the role of Margaret White in the new Carrie remake?