Johnny Depp: There Is ‘No Room For Lies’ When You Have Children

Johnny Depp believes there is simply no room for lies when you have children. The actor recently opened up about his breakup with long-time girlfriend Vanessa Paradis.

The star of Gore Verbinski’s The Lone Ranger hasn’t shared too many details regarding his relationship with Paradis. While promoting his latest big-screen endeavor, Depp opened up a little about how the breakup has affected his children.

During a recent chat with CBS This Morning, Johnny Depp said he and Vanessa Paradis were very honest about the situation with their kids.

“When you have children, there is no room for lies, no room for anything but the truth. Anything other than that is a bad example, I believe,” the actor explained.

He added, “We were just very truthful with them and they were just incredibly understanding, incredibly accepting. I was extremely proud of them, the way they dealt with it.”

According to Heat World, Johnny Depp is a little concerned about the things his children will do during their teenage years. The actor said he still has memories of what he was like at that age and this concerns him a little as a father.

“You know you start getting hit with some very interesting situations in life, you as a parent, when they approach that teenage era, which is frightening because you still have memories of that age and the things you were doing at that age. Please don’t do what I did,” the actor said.

Although Depp and Paradis have ended their relationship, he said last month that he wouldn’t be opposed to shooting a movie with her should the opportunity present itself.

“I wouldn’t see any weirdness at all in making a film with Vanessa now, whereas before I might have done. We’re on great terms and there’s nothing weird or strange. It’s very normal. She’s a great mommy and a great woman,” he told the Daily Mirror.

Fans of Johnny Depp can catch the actor alongside Armie Hammer and Helena Bonham Carter in Gore Verbinski’s The Lone Ranger. The movie is in theaters right now.

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