Xbox One Headset Will Now Come Bundled With Console

Xbox One will now come bundled with a headset!

When Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One with the new and improved Kinect, they were probably hoping the sensor on the new gizmo would be enough to replace the headset. After all, the Kinect sensor was said to include advanced voice recognition capability. It would allow the device to isolate your voice and use it for commands even in the midst of general household chaos. However, in the same environment, regular voice chat can be a pain.

There are some things the new Kinect can’t do, no matter how advanced the technology is. It can’t let you hear others talking to you in the middle of a party. This is the one reason why headsets are practically a necessity for online voice chats. The machine can isolate you, but you can’t isolate the machine without an earpiece.

The inclusion of a headset with the Xbox One packaging is the latest in what we hope is several reversals in Microsoft’s policies regarding their next generation console. Following the reversal of the DRM policy and its collective cheers, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, Microsoft isn’t out of the clear just yet. The Xbox One headset is just one more step forward.

It may have been Sony’s decision to keep the camera separate and bundle a headset with the PlayStation 4 that spurred Microsoft to do the same in order to save face after so much public backlash. Initially, the headset was not going to be included with the console, as Microsoft was pushing what they called a value price by including the Kinect and a free game with the console for a hundred dollars more than the PlayStation 4. Following Microsoft’s announcement that pretty much everything but the HDMI cable would be incompatible between the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, they needed to do something about the headset ordeal.

Microsoft still has a long way to go before winning back the favor of the crowd, but they might still pull through a contender at least.

What do you think about Xbox One headset being bundled with the console? Does it change your mind about Microsoft’s next generation console?

[Update]  Apparently the console isn’t coming bundled with a headset after all.