Woman Paid $275k to Stop Sexy Dancing

You may not know the name Rebecca Willis yet, but you will soon. The woman, from Marshall, North Carolina, has just gotten a whopping $275,000 for agreeing never to dance in the city’s community center again.

Rebecca Willis sued the city six years after she was banned from the community center’s weekly Friday night dances. Town leaders had said she was “gyrating and simulating sexual intercourse with her partner while dancing,” also wearing a short skirt that may have given onlookers an extra show. Willis denies that her dancing was obscene, calling it “exuberant and flamboyant” instead.

Now, as a result of a settlement, the city is paying her the six-figure amount to keep her bumping and grinding out of their center — and to keep the case out of their courts. Past attempts to get the lawsuit of Rebecca Willis v. Marshall dismissed had failed, with a judge saying it was entirely possible the city had “singled her out” with its ban. Willis had claimed it was a violation of her freedom of expression and equal protection and had the American Civil Liberties Union on her side.

I, for one, am intrigued. Anyone want to start up a cash pool to get her to perform this, uh, “exuberant” dance for us? For purely research-related reasons, of course.