‘The Lone Ranger’: Twitter Critics Weigh In On Johnny Depp’s Latest

The Lone Ranger is getting shredded by professional and amateur critics alike.

Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski re-teamed with Johnny Depp to bring the classic television series to life on the big screen. Although Depp has received the lion’s share of the attention, the film actually stars Armie Hammer as the title character.

Despite Depp and Verbinski’s success with the Pirates franchise and the animated comedy Rango, The Lone Ranger isn’t striking a chord with critics. In fact, most people seem to dislike the experience.

As of this writing, the $220 million summer flick has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 23 percent. Although the audience score is presently perched at 73 percent, box office analysts still believe the movie will only pull in around $70 million once the weekend comes to a close.

Just how bad are the reviews for The Lone Ranger? Check out this snippet from the write-up posted by Comic Book Resources critic Todd Gilchrist.

Working with the same high-octane, low-output creativity that fueled the Pirates of the Caribbean series through four decreasingly satisfying installments, Verbinski and producer Jerry Bruckheimer deliver a mean-spirited, misguided, overlong time-waster whose description as “popcorn” fare is fittingly appropriate, as it’s an aggressively unhealthy substitute for more intellectually and emotionally nourishing entertainment.

Although Philadelphia Inquirer critic Steven Rea described The Lone Ranger as a “wild, wacky, wide-screen reimagining of the vintage radio serial and TV series,” most people seem to think the flick is quite terrible. Even a few celebrities couldn’t resist sharing their thoughts and feelings about Johnny Depp’s latest endeavor. It’s never a good thing when actors are having a laugh at a movie’s expense.

Below you can find a handful of tweets centered around how much The Lone Ranger sucks. Some of them are amusing while others are just downright funny.