Tulsa Homeowner Hogties Attempted Burglar

Police in Tulsa say a homeowner captured a would-be burglar and left him hogtied in the front yard for officers according to Fox News.

Gawker reported that an Oklahoma man who caught a burglar breaking into his home wasn’t simply content to scare the criminal away; instead, the man bum-rushed the burglar, pinned him to the ground, hogtied him, and left him in the front yard for police to find because the homeowner was late for work.

An Oklahoma report on News 9.com reported that it all started when the Houstons heard the glass break outside their daughter’s bedroom around 6 o’clock Wednesday morning.

“That folding chair was in her bedroom, shattered glass all over the place, and I said, ‘A raccoon didn’t do that.’ And he was just like, ‘Oh God,'” Houston said.

They heard rustling inside the garage and Houston’s husband went to the front door and that’s when he bum-rushed the intruder, who has been identified as Robert Cole, 31.

“I was like, ‘That’s my man!’ I was really proud of him,” Houston said.

Then get this… As soon as Cole was tied up, Houston said her husband turned to her and said he had to leave, had to go work.

So he left Cole tied up in the front yard and left for work after he had called the police.

This is a good ending to a home intrusion, unlike the intrusion that had been caught on a nanny cam.

In that case the intruder brutally beat a woman while her young child watched the entire thing.

In the case of the hogtied intruder, Houston said that her husband had never been into rodeo or anything, but that he does work with horses and knows his way around a rope.

According to News 9.com, police at the scene say he appeared to be on drugs and he believed he was actually in Jenks.

This was a good ending to what could have been another troubling home intrusion, but the homeowner’s skills with a rope worked wonders when it came to hogtying the intruder.

[Image via Shutterstock/olivier]