Three Racist Black Girls Assault White Saxophone Player, Say ‘White Girls Can’t Play That Song’

Three black girls assaulted a white saxophone player, only to claim that “white can’t play that song.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, racism became a hot topic during the Paula Deen lawsuit and the George Zimmerman trial.

In those cases some people claim they definitely had it coming. But a street performer named Cassandra Struve was apparently minding her own business when three black girls assaulted the white saxophone player for playing an old jazz song:

“I was playing Minnie the Moocher, classic Blues Brothers song. A lady with a child in her hand came up to me, smacked me in my face and said ‘don’t play that.'”

A witness describes the ensuing conflict as “really chatoic.” The three African American women began shouting that “a white girl could not play the song.” When Cassandra Struve reacted by pushing them away from her, the assault on intensified:

“Her daughter came out of nowhere and punched me twice in the side of the face. After she did that I was instantly upset. You know, I mean, I cried.”

Witness ran to help but the three black women walked away. Police eventually caught with them and the three black girls were cited for assault and battery and disorderly conduct.

Cassandra Struve, for her part, will not let the assault by the three racist black girls keep her spirits down:

“Saxophone is an innocent instrument. It’s supposed to spread the love and joy with people, not to bring hatred.”

Do you think the three racist black girls assaulting a white girl for playing the “wrong song” is a hate crime?