Atheist Monument Builder Says Muslim 'Pedophile Prophets,' Satanist, Scientology Statues Are Next

Patrick Frye

The atheist monument builder Dave Silverman claims that Muslim "pedophile prophets" monuments are next.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the atheist monument has created a lot of controversy.

American Atheists, the group that built the atheist monument in Florida, has made it quite clear they built the monument solely as an attack on the Ten Commandments monument built in the same area. Dave Silverman says that if the Ten Commandments monument is removed they'll take down the atheist monument as well. But in the meantime, American Atheists is planning on building atheist monuments throughout the United States using $500,000 from anonymous donors.

Ken Weaver, member of the Community Men's Fellowship group which built the Ten Commandments monument, is actually fairly supportive of the atheist monument bench:

"Simply put, while we do not agree with the 'faith' of the American Atheists that disregards the existence of God, we do believe in their right to freely express their beliefs. As long as their display meets the requirements of our county ordinance, they have the same freedoms of expression as those of any other citizen or group."

Dave Silverman agrees. Citing the possibility of Satanist, Scientology, and Muslim monuments alongside the atheist monument, Dave Silverman says that as a fellow "religious minority" American Atheists "will support those religious minorities because they have every right to do it. This is what you get from a free speech zone. You get free speech."

But Mr. Silverman apparently felt led to insult Muslims by saying they'd build a "pedophile prophets" monument:

"So if the Christians are allowed to put up the 10 Commandments and we're allowed to put up a monument to secularism and the separation of church and state, yes the Muslims should be allowed to put up a monument to pedophile prophets and yes, the yes, a Scientologist. Yes, they should all be allowed to put up whatever they want because this is a free speech zone."

By saying "pedophile prophets" Dave Silverman was referring to Islam's prophet Muhammed, who took a bride that was seven years old only to wait until age nine before consummating the marriage. But Christians might feel insulted, as well. The Jews and Christians of ancient times considered the age of marriage to be 12 for girls and 13 for boys, although the Biblical legal age for adulthood was age 20. They used puberty as the baseline and even today in modern times some countries consider pedophilia to be relevant only when the situation involves pre-pubescent children.

What do you think about atheist monument builder Dave Silverman saying we might soon see Satanist, Scientology, and Muslim monuments in American public places?