‘OMG I’m Driving Through A Tornado’ Jersey Girl’s Video Goes Viral

“OMG! OMG! OMG! I’m driving through a tornado. Oh My F’ing God, Oh My God, OMG, OMG OMG.”

If you don’t mind listing to that type of talk for one minute and sixteen seconds, you can watch Ashley Castore‘s YouTube video.

The Jersey girl recently drove through a tornado, and her OMG response has managed to turn her posted video into a semi-viral hit.

Since the video went live on July 1, it has surpassed 8,000 views.

Here is the description for the event that was posted by Ashley:

“Video of the tornado that passed through New Jersey around 8:45am, Monday July 1. Debris, high winds and downpours along Route 22 West near Bridgewater, NJ.”

Sorry if you suffered through the video, but OMG could that girl say OMG as if it was a universal word for everything she could possibly want to explain.

On a serious side note, we don’t suggest driving through tornadoes to create viral YouTube videos. If you do see a tornado coming your way, try hiding in a roadside ditch when possible. Also don’t use the words “Oh My God” 500 times if you want us to watch your full video.

Were you annoyed by Ashley as she spouted OMG a bunch of times while driving through a tornado?