Online dispute over PS3 game results in real life scrap

The two shining examples of humanity you see above are Eric S. LaChapelle (left) and Corey J. Chalich (right), a pair of PlayStation 3 owners who took an online gaming beef a step too far.

These two New York-based mouth-breathers grew hostile with one another while playing an unspecified PS3 game, and after things got particularly heated, LaChapelle got in his car and drove to Chalich’s house to “assault” him … as you do.

Chalich ended up in hospital, though was also arrested after threatening his attacker with a knife. LaChapelle ran away before Chalich could stab him (it’s a good job he didn’t bump into this guy), but was picked up by police a few minutes later.

The result of this ridiculous kerfuffle: a third-degree assault charge for LaChapelle, a second-degree menacing charge for Chalich, and a photo both their families can be mighty proud of. Nice one, fellas.

[Post Star, via HBG]