IRS Scandal: Lois Lerner Demands Immunity For Testimony

The IRS scandal took a new turn when Lois Lerner demanded immunity in return for her full testimony.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the IRS scandal involves the targeting of groups related to the Tea Party, jews, patriots, conversatives, and other political buzzwords. The IRS supposedly subjected 100 percent of all such groups to extra scrutiny, while about 30 percent of progressive groups felt delays.

Lois Lerner was a key IRS official in the IRS scandal who oversaw the IRS division that apparently was behind the abuse. But Lois Lerner’s testimony about the IRS scandal never happened because she chose to invoke her Fifth Amendment rights which protect her from self-incrimination. The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee voted on whether Lois Lerner should be required to testify and only House Democrats claimed she did not.

But today Lois Lerner’s attorney said, “They can obtain her testimony by doing it the easy way … immunity.” The House Committee as already said it might consider limited immunity, but the option of filing contempt charges against Lois Lerner is also on the table.

Political pundits have long speculated on what Lois Lerner’s testimony might reveal. Previously, Steve Forbes said an IRS scandal special prosecutor “needs to start from people right on the ground and go up the chain, right into the White House.” Steve Forbes claims President Obama’s link to the IRS scandal is that he told Democratic senators in 2010 to write letters to the IRS demanding investigations into groups linked to “tea party” or “patriot” organizations. There’s also an ongoing lawsuit that claims the Obama campaign was leaked IRS documents to use against political enemies.

What do you think Lois Lerner’s testimony about the IRS scandal will reveal?